NFTG (Non-Fungible Token Gallery) pioneers the first decentralized marketplace that grants creators agency through the NFTG token, a community-governed network that supports creators, collectors and community. With 90% of auction proceeds going towards the artists, and 10% going back to the community, NFTG builds the first ecosystem to stand by creators, for creators.
The primary purpose of NFTG is used for protocol governance and redistribution of value to scale and compound network effects. Stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and/or fiat will be used for auctions in the decentralized auction house.
Background NFTG is a community-governed digital auction house that enables low cost, highly scalable, digital+physical ("phygital") NFT issuances and event auctions -- by building on the Polygon, or otherwise known at the Matic Network (MATIC). This allows decreased fees on the Ethereum blockchain through Proof of Stake (PoS) side chains - alongside scale and speed, all to deliver less costs on creatives and customers. NFTG is focused, not just on the protection and issuance of intellectual property rights of underlying assets, but also on the long term secondary sales market of protecting creators’ royalties into perpetuity.


NFTG’s main purpose is to enable community governance of the protocol. NFTG is built on Polygon enabling QuickSwap Liquidity Providers a token to earn.
To earn NFTG you can stake QuickSwap LP tokens. The token distribution schedule is available in the Gitbook, Tokenomics.
Additionally you can complete bounties to earn NFTG token allotments. NFTG uses the CGEN protocol to protect tokenomics. Each month new bounties are approved by the network (through the governance model), opening up opportunities to contribute and earn NFTG.
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