Checks and Balances
Previously, NFTG builders needed to raise money for servers and open liquidity pools on QuickSwap. This issue was solved with the CGEN PROTOCOL. CGEN enables contributors to continually build a DAO while protecting the protocol's Tokenomics from liquidation events. All NFTG contributors earn NFTs that can harvest NFTG. Harvestable token allotments are bound to the NFTG Tokenomics in the contained NFT smart contracts. In other words, someone who earns a CGEN NFT has an asset much like an LP Token in that it can unlock coins in a liquidity pool. Owners of CGEN NFTs are allowed to harvest 5% of their total amount - one time - while 95% is locked to the same distribution schedule for the yield farm.
NFTG contributors can also sell their CGENs, and this will have no direct effect on NFTG tokenomics. Because the distribution schedule of NFTG tokens from CGEN release programmatically regardless of owner, while held to the CGEN lockup schedule, liquidation effects are decoupled from affecting the price.
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