Voting & Proposals
Governance Model
NFTG is a governance token that enables the network to make decisions and shape the future of the protocol. It only takes 1 NFTG token to create a proposal that is visible to the entire network. This 1 NFTG token is not burned or used; this will remain in the proposer’s wallet(s), as this 1 NFTG minimum just signifies a right of proposal. For example, if someone proposes the logo be changed, the remaining token holders will be able to vote on the proposal. With this voting system, NFTG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) equipped with a native token used for consensus within the network.
There are currently 10+ contributors helping build the protocol with plans to open bounties for more contributors to have access to earn NFTG. Additional bounties will be made visible on the landing page. The rules for a governance vote will be established once the snapshot is running. The plan is to open up snapshot proposals 90 days after opening the farm. This is to allow enough NFTG to be farmed before a network wide vote is put in place.
Voting Proposals
Creating proposals and voting is highly encouraged. NFTG grants NFTG-holders a right to propose changes to the protocol. NFTG will use a snapshot for creating and voting on proposals.
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