Start earning $NFTG
Connect your wallet and to the Polygon network
Connect your wallet
The NFTG yield farm runs on the Polygon network. To interact with the yield farm, connect your wallet via MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect. Then, make sure that you are connected to the Polygon network.
Don’t have a wallet? Get started with MetaMask or Coinbase using the links below.
To connect, go to https://app.nftg.live/. Click the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right corner and then select your wallet provider. Follow any additional steps.
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Connect to the Polygon* network
*Note: On Feb 9, 2021, Matic changed its name to Polygon. “Matic” and “Polygon” are sometimes used interchangeably. MATIC is the name of the cryptocurrency that powers the Polygon network.
If you successfully connected your wallet, you might see the text: “Connect to Polygon”
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On desktop, when connecting with MetaMask, adding and switching to the Polygon network is automatically handled by MetaMask. Otherwise, you might need to add and switch to the Polygon network manually. Depending on the wallet being used, some steps might be different. Note that some wallets might not yet support the Polygon network.
If connected with MetaMask, click the “Connect to Polygon” button, then select MetaMask from the wallet menu. Follow the MetaMask prompts.
For Coinbase Wallet, click the settings icon and select “Active network” under the “Connections” section. Then select “Polygon” under “ETH MAINNETS”.
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After switching to the Polygon network, the interface will reload and your account address will be visible on the button.
If you need to add the Polygon network manually, use the information here: https://docs.polygon.technology/docs/develop/metamask/config-polygon-on-metamask/
Network Name: Polygon Mainnet RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com/ Chain ID: 137 Currency Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com/
Once the network is added, select the Polygon (MATIC) network to switch to it. The NFTG interface will indicate if you need to connect your wallet, need to connect to the Polygon network, or if you are already connected.
Already Connected?
Once connected, on the home page, you will see how much NFTG is associated with your account, as well the current total NFTG supply. If you are a CGEN (contributor), you will see CGEN information as well.
Navigate to the Farm page: https://app.nftg.live/farm On the Farm page, you will see available farms that you can participate in to start earning NFTG. If you already have QuickSwap LP tokens for the farms listed, select a farm and use the interface to stake your LP and start farming. Link: What is a yield farm? Link: How do I get QuickSwap LP tokens If you have LP tokens for a supported farm, you will see your LP balance under the “Stake LP” field. Enter how much LP you want to stake and click “Stake LP”. If this is your first time staking in a farm, you may be asked to first give approval for your LP tokens. After the approval, you will see another prompt to stake (deposit) your LP tokens.
After successfully staking LP tokens, your “LP Staked” amount will increase and the farm’s “NFTG Rewards” section will appear.
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Note: Depending on some factors, such as the amount of traffic on the Polygon network, some transactions might fail. When an error occurs during a transaction, you will get a notification like the following: “Failed to stake LP”. Otherwise, you should get a notification indicating that the transaction completed successfully. If you get an error notification, double check that all the information is correct and try the transaction again.
Congratulations, you are officially farming NFTG! You should start to see your earned NFTG amount increase. Initially, you will only be able to harvest a portion of your earned rewards. This is done to protect the tokenomics of the NFTG network. Over time, locked rewards will become unlocked and available to harvest. Everyone is subject to the same locking and unlocking rules. Visit the tokenomics page to learn more about NFTG token distribution. Link: Tokenomics
Whenever you’d like, you can withdraw a portion or all of your staked LP tokens. Withdrawing all your staked LP tokens will stop the farming process and you won’t earn additional NFTG rewards in that farm. Your earned and locked NFTG will still be there for you to harvest.
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