QuickSwap LP Tokens
In order to participate in NFTG yield farm(s), you need liquidity pool (LP) tokens. Different farms require different LP tokens. The type of LP token necessary is indicated by the token pair name, such as: “NFTG-MATIC” or “ETH-USDC”.
NFTG requires LP tokens from QuickSwap: https://quickswap.exchange QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange running on the Polygon network. To get QuickSwap LP tokens, you need to provide liquidity to a given pool. For example, to add liquidity for the “NFTG-MATIC” pool, you need to have both NFTG and MATIC in your wallet on the Polygon network. After adding liquidity, you will receive LP tokens for that pool.
To add liquidity and get LP tokens for the “NFTG-MATIC” pool, navigate to the Farm page: https://app.nftg.live/farm. Select a farm and click the “Get LP” button.
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QuickSwap is a fork of UniSwap and inherits certain risks involved with becoming a liquidity provider. Learn more here:
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