Transfer tokens to the Polygon network
Transfer tokens to the Polygon network
If you want to use the NFTG yield farm, you need QuickSwap LP tokens. NFTG and QuickSwap are built on top of the Polygon network. If you haven’t already, you need to transfer crypto from the Ethereum mainnet over to Polygon.
The MATIC token powers the Polygon network, you need MATIC to perform transactions in the network. Let’s guide you through how you can get MATIC and transfer it over to Polygon. Afterwards, you will know the necessary steps to transfer over other cryptocurrencies.
Alternatively, you can also follow this guide by QuickSwap: QuickSwap Guide
Note: Since MATIC is necessary to perform any transaction on Polygon, it is recommended that you prioritize transferring MATIC to Polygon first. You only need a very small amount of MATIC to perform a few transactions. In some cases, you can get a small amount of MATIC using a Polygon Mainnet Matic “faucet”.
MATIC is available on all major platforms:
When you obtain MATIC from the links above, this action happens on the Ethereum mainnet.. You then need to transfer the tokens to Polygon. Once you have your MATIC tokens on Ethereum, go to the Polygon Web Wallet and connect your wallet to continue.
Look for the “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon” button, or go to https://wallet.matic.network/bridge
On the “From Ethereum” section, use the drop down to find and select MATIC. Enter the amount you want to transfer and then click “Transfer”. Follow the instructions and prompts to complete the transfer.
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Once you have transferred your tokens to Polygon, visit QuickSwap and add liquidity to get LP tokens. Visit the Farm page to find out which LP tokens you need to earn NFTG rewards.
To get other cryptocurrencies on the Polygon network, follow the same steps. You can also swap your tokens for others on QuickSwap: Swap.
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